Due to you stopping by today, something tells me that you’re someone full of positive spirit, incredible drive, and a motivation to lead a life you have always dreamed of.

But maybe you…

  • Have no clue what your purpose is in your life, or you know what your purpose is but need help feeling confident about it.

  • Need help building a healthy regimen that can improve your daily life.

  • Feel isolated. You wish more people could relate to what you’re going through. You feel like the sunflower in a community of roses.

  • You want to get past the judgement due to the stigma of mental health that has been established by society and focus your strengths toward your values.

Guess what?

You are not alone.

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In this tribe, I have a few core beliefs:

  • I believe that every member of the tribe is worthy of love and deserves to feel confident and joy. I say joy NOT happiness because I believe happiness means that you only feel happy if something positive happens externally, but joy comes from within. You feel bliss regardless of whatever happens in your life.

  • I believe that you have a DREAM hidden inside of you, and I am here to bring it out and let it shine to its fullest.

  • I believe that every tribe member is a dreamer, believer, and an implementer who has the power to make their dreams come true.

I have been right there in your shoes


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Hi! My name is Mia Johnson, and I am so passionate about advocating for Mental Health. In our society, mental health has been portrayed in such a bad light. People with a mental illness are “crazy” and “unstable.” They are not seen as “normal.”

I was diagnosed with an Adjustment Disorder with both Anxiety and Depressive reactions in 2017. Before I was diagnosed, I was having a difficult time going through life. I would go through phases where one minute I was super determined and impulsive but later start to fall into a deep depression. I would totally isolate myself and did not know what to do. My self-confidence and motivation suffered greatly. I didn’t know what was going on and what to do so I finally humbled myself and asked for help.

I started counseling fall of 2017. That is when I was diagnosed and started learning about triggers, symptoms, and ways to live with my mental illness while also living a quality life.

Due to the help I received, I have been able to live the life I have always wanted. I learned that I will never CURE my anxiety and depression, but that I can change the relationship that I have with them. I learned to not let my mental illness rule my life. Out of that, I learned to love myself again, and I continue to strive for the life I always wanted.   

And now I want to help uplift you.

Through Personal Coaching, free webinars, a Facebook Community, and more I want to help you find your confidence and your voice.

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Thank you again for being here, I really appreciate it!